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Why to donate and
how it helps

Save a bee, save the world..

The honey bees are experiencing a run of bad luck. Between pesticides, fungus, mite infestations, natural disasters, and global warming they just can’t catch a break.

Did you know that honey bees are the most important pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables? This means that they help other plants grow, and without them many of the food sources you enjoy each day would be gone.

And you can make a difference, you can help, by making a donation you can support, protect and save honey bees that play such an important role in our daily life.

We need bees!

Over 75% of the nutritious food we eat depends on pollination. Pollination sustains global food and nutrition security, crop production, wild plant diversity, ecosystem balance, healthy soils, clean air, and beekeeper and farmer livelihoods.

the bees need us!

Intensive farming, harmful pesticides, overpopulation, urban sprawl, loss of floral habitats, deforestation, and climate change are all placing devastating pressures on pollinators.

Make a donation, help us save bees.

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